1171 Acrylic Urethane Wood Flooring Adhesive, 1-Gal.


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Gallon, #1171n, acrylic urethane wood flooring adhesive, for installing solid wood & engineered wood plank up to 3/4" thick & 5" wide, wood parquet flooring up to 5/16" thick, & cork underlayment, with its urethane enhanced acrylic technology, excellent initial grab, long working time & outstanding rebond characteristics to hold down wood flooring securely during the installation, flooring, coverage refer to trowel recommendations, solid wood greater than 7/16" tick, engineered wood plank v-notch 1/4"d x 3/16"w x 1/2"a 45-50 sqft per gallon, thin gauged solid wood 7/16" thick or less v-notch 1/4"d x 3/16"w x 1/2"a 75-85 sqft per gallon, parquet u-noth 3/32"d x 3/32"w x 3/32"a 70-80 sqft per gallon, cork sheet underlayment square notch 1/16"d x 1/16"w x 1/16"a 115-125 sqft per gallon.

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